Americano in 6 Simple Steps

Americano Cocktail Recipe

Negroni Week has come to an end, now what to do with all the left over Campari?

The Americano is the perfect low alcoholic cocktail to make use of that spare bottle of luminescent Campari bottle left on the spirit shelf. If you’re not a Campari fan then it’s probably good advice to steer clear as it’s quite a bitter drink – although the addition of soda water downplays the bitterness (when comparing it to a Negroni).

A popular Italian drink going back as far as 1860.

Hi-ball Glass

1. Start with a hi-ball glass

Add ice to glass

2. Add ice to hi-ball glass

Measure Campari

3. Add 30mL of Campari

Measure Sweet Vermouth

4. Add 30mL of sweet vermouth

Top with Soda

5. Top with soda water

Orange Twist Garnish

6. Garnish with orange

The Tools We Used:

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Americano to finish off the remaining Campari from Negroni Week ??? #negroniweek #cocktails @maidenii @campariamerica

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How to make an Americano
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  1. Add both the Campari & Sweet Vermouth to your glass
  2. Top with soda water
  3. Garnish with orange (slice, twist or dehdrated slice)

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