Learn how to make great cocktails like a professional bartender!¬†Classic cocktail recipes such as the Old Fashioned, Martini, Margarita, Daiquiri and more. Don’t have the right bar tools¬†to make killer cocktails?
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Tommys Margarita Recipe

Tommy’s Margarita

The Tommy's Margarita has very little variation from a traditional Margarita. With a touch more tequila and the replacement of Triple Sec with agave syrup. 15mL of agave syrup is plenty otherwise it will overtake the drink....

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Sidecar Cocktail Recipe


The Sidecar is claimed to be first made in The Ritz Hotel in Paris and the cocktail recipe was first mentioned back in 1922 in "Harry's ABC of Mixing Cocktails"....

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Godfather Cocktail Recipe


A concoction of whisky and Amaretto makes for a amazingly simply drink that will go down with ease. Try these few suggestions to make the perfect Godfather cocktail....

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Red Wine Sangria


Start with a base red wine sangria recipe then start to experiment by using seasonal fruit or adding your favourite spirit as a base....

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Painkiller Cocktail Recipe


Official cocktail of the British Virgin Islands and a favourite throughout the Caribbean, the traditional painkiller cocktail is made with Pusser's Rum but bartenders boycott!...

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