Learn how to make great cocktails like a professional bartender!¬†Classic cocktail recipes such as the Old Fashioned, Martini, Margarita, Daiquiri and more. Don’t have the right bar tools¬†to make killer cocktails?
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Classic Lime Daiquiri


The Daiquiri would have to be one of the most iconic classics. It was first created in the 1890's and Bacardi was first call. Originally the drink was served in a tall glass packed with ice....

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Espresso Martini Cocktail Recipe

Espresso Martini

The espresso martini has been made hugely popular in recent years due to the addictive combination of coffee & vodka! Make sure you use fresh espresso for a delicious mix that will keep you going....

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Aviation Cocktail Recipe

The Aviation

The 2013 most searched cocktail on the internet, The Aviation. Find out why the cocktail containing Gin, Maraschino & Creme de Violette is so commonly searched for....

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Mint Julep Cocktail

Mint Julep

Such a simple cocktail but it is important to get the dilution right by making sure you use fresh, crushed ice. Find more tips to making the perfect Mint Julep....

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Negroni Cocktail Recipe


You'll either love or hate the Negroni. This cocktail has been around since about the 1920's - try replacing the Campari with Aperol for a less-bitter Negroni....

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Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe

Cuba Libre

The Cuba Libre would have to be the one of the more basic recipes but if you are a rum fan like myself, then you'll love Cuba Libre! Served strong and long!...

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