10 vodka cocktails using only 1 bottle

10 Easy Vodka Cocktails

These 10 easy vodka cocktails are designed with simplicity in mind. You don’t need an overwhelming number of bottles to make drinks at home. With only a single bottle of vodka and a few staples you can make all 10 of these tasty cocktails. If you want to start simple then try a 2-ingredient highball such as the Moscow Mule or Cape Codder? Otherwise, try the Basil Cooler for something citrusy and herbal. Or maybe my favourite vodka cocktail, the Caipiroska!

Basil Cooler
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A bright combination of fresh lime and basil mix with vodka to make a citrusy and herbal cooler, perfect for a hot summer's day.
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Basil Cooler Recipe
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The Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail, has inspired countless variations that include fruits, liqueurs and different base spirits but the most popular of these variations is the Caipiroska. Vodka is used in place of the traditional cachaca, which results in a lighter and brighter tasting cocktail. A good quality wheat-based vodka such as Grey Goose works best.
The Caipiroska it has gained popularity in Brazil and neighboring South American countries, as well as being a staple served in bars around the world.
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Caipiroska Recipe

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Cape Codder
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The Cape Codder is an easy, quick to make high ball consisting of vodka, tart cranberry juice and a touch of lime juice. It was conceived by the Ocean Spray grower's co-operative in the 1940s, to encourage more people to purchase their products.
In the 1980s the drink was combined with a Fuzzy Navel to create the Sex on the Beach cocktail.
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Cape Codder Recipe
Pineapple Martini
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A deliciously sweet pineapple "martini" made at London's Met Bar in the Metropolitan Hotel in 1997.
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Pineapple Martini Recipe
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The Greyhound cocktail recipe first appeared in Harry Craddock's The Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930 although it wasn't until 1945 that it was officially named the "Greyhound". The drink originally called for gin but vodka became the spirit of choice as it increase in popularity over the 40s and 50s. Many recipes will list "vodka or gin".
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Greyhound Drink Recipe
Salty Dog
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The Greyhound cocktail recipe first appeared in Harry Craddock's The Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930. Several decades later salt was added to the Greyhound and the Salty Dog was created. Salt enhances sweetness and balances the bitterness of the grapefruit juice.
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Salty Dog Recipe
Grapefruit Cooler
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Audrey Saunders created this drink in 2015, a decade of the opening of her pioneering, gin-focused bar, Pegu Club. A great combination of flavours, featuring grapefruit, lemon, mint, honey, and two types of bitters for a surprisingly flavourful drink.
The original recipe by Audrey called for a grapefruit vodka but a regal shake will work well in it's place (grapefruit peel added to the shaker prior to shaking).
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Grapefruit Cooler Recipe
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Crisp apple combines with sweet maple for the perfect vodka Fall / Autumn cocktail.
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Appletini Recipe
Moscow Mule
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The Moscow Mule was one of the key drinks responsible for the rise in popularity of vodka in the United States, at a time when most people were drinking beer and whiskey.
Ensure you pick a good quality vodka and pair it with a spicy ginger beer that isn't too sweet.
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Moscow Mule Recipe
Bloody Mary
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The Bloody Mary was reportedly created by Fernand "Pete" Petiot at Harry's New York Bar in Paris around 1924. After the abolishment of Prohibition, he was hired at the King Cole Room in New York City, where he continued to make his tomato juice cocktail. At first vodka wasn't readily available in the US, so he started serving the drink with gin and called it the Red Snapper.
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Bloody Mary Recipe

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