30 Insanely Beautiful Cocktails from the 2021 Coffee Cocktail Challenge!

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The 2021 Coffee Cocktail Challenge has had a huge response this year! It’s been impressive to see the unique number of cocktails simply utilising the one common ingredient, Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur (clearly showing off its versatility in cocktails). The challenge has led us to discover a number of drink trends – pumpkin spice lattes are as popular as ever, coffee & tiki are much loved and people are catching on to the wonders of adding a touch of salt to their drinks!

Entries have closed but voting is now open!


Here are 30 stunning cocktails from this year’s challenge.

Irish Black Magic
We were planning a Fall Friend Fest to catch up with friends we had not seen since before the pandemic, and I needed an Irish whiskey cocktail that screamed “Autumn”. I combined Irish whiskey with our pumpkin chai cold brew as an Irish coffee alternative, but it was a bit bitter. Cinnamon syrup tone…
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Autumn Leaves
Whisky, tropical flavours and coffee are three of my favourite things so combining them into a tasty drink has been high up my agenda for a while. I received a bottle of Jura rum cask whisky which had peat smoke undertones laced with funky rum flavours so knew right away a tiki drink was on the car…
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Mr. Betti Sour
While I was brainstorming ideas for the competition. I thought Meletti with it strong caramel notes would pair great with Mr. Black! And with some added chocolate notes I created this delicious sour! Cheers!
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Being a big fan of the Italian dessert Tiramisu I knew I had to create this dish into a cocktail. And because I work at an Asian Fusion bar, I really wanted to highlight an asian ingredient in the cocktail. So what a better way to combine the creamy sweet spirits with the saltiness of miso. After mu…
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Black Kangaroo
This cocktail was inspired by the original espresso martini. By adding amaretto and pistachio flavors, the drink changes its complexity to slightly more sweet finish with almonds and pistachio hints. Mr. Black brings everything together with amazing finish. The name was inspired by the color of th…
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Pumpkin Spice Libation
PSL...but make it boozy. I love PSL season, and this adult cocktail with cold brew is the perfect libation to cozy up with for fall, next to a bonfire with a flannel blanket. This cocktail is made with 4 oz pumpkin chai cold brew coffee, 1.5 oz Whistle Pig Rye, and 1.5 oz Mr. Black Barrel Rested top…
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Meow Club
This cocktail is designed to get an appetite but it’s still a little on the sweet side so it can be easily an after dinner cocktail. I wanted to create a coffee Boulevardier but also stick with asian ingredients because the bar I work is a Asian Fusion Restaurant. Pandan, Creme de cacao and coffee w…
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Fuego y Azufre
This cocktail was a celebration of mezcal and coffee and the lovely roasted qualities these ingredients share. A few other ingredients to highlight some of the fruit and pleasant bitter qualities in the mezcal and coffee.
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Brhubarb Swizzle
Dark cold brew coffee meets bittersweet smoky rhubarb in the refreshing Brhubarb (“Brew-barb”) Swizzle. A bright botanical rhubarb gin adds appealing complexity, with lemon, a touch of honey and almond syrup balancing the deep roasted coffee. The inspiration for this cocktail did not start with th…
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SF’s Illegal Imports
I was inspired by the TV show Warrior on HBO - a great representation of Asian American culture. While watching the show I wanted to make a drink for one of my favorite characters Mei Ling, and encapsulate the daring, and decadent feeling of the show and San Francisco in the 1800s. This is an after…
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Saint Gobnait’s Brew
Being a bar manager at a coffee/cocktail bar, this challenge was perfect. I wanted to encapsulate the creamy texture/taste of espresso while also incorporating liquor in a balanced way. My love for Ireland inspired the spirit choice and the name. St. Gobnait was an Irish saint that started beekeepin…
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Inspired by the southeast Asian dessert, Sang Kayak L’peouz…pumpkin custard meets a summer favorite the Pina Colada. Rum and coffee complimented by citrus as well as a taste of fall makes for something decadent and fun.
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Goodtime Supply
Coffee itself is technically a berry, so pairing it with another just makes sense. While a berry syrup might have overpowered the other ingredients, a berry-infused gastrique added extra depth. A base of dark rum introduced stone fruit and mild spices, while Aperol brings rounding orange and a gentl…
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I have always loved the nuttiness, flavour and texture of Horchata since trying it 12 months ago. I knew immediately it would work well in a coffee cocktail. Bringing out those nutty notes to blend with the sweetness of the rum and coffee flavour of Mr Black, all flavours bring a balance and punch t…
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Soffice Cascara
The name of this cocktail translates to ‘Fluffy Cascara’, and is a reference to both the texture of the drink, as well as the combination of Mr Black and Maraschino liqueur. Using a dark rum as the base was an easy choice. The dried fruit and soft spices pair perfectly with the Arabica coffee in Mr…
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Oaxacan Mocha
She’ll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain She’ll make you live her crazy life, but she’ll take away your pain Like a bullet through your brain! Sweet, Sour, Smoke and Spice Livin’ La Oaxacan Mocha! The flavours will entice Livin’ La Oaxacan Mocha! Livin’ La Oaxacan Mocha!
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Mr Black @ The Movies
This cocktail was inspired by a love of coffee and popcorn . It turns out the lovely sweet buttery popcorn flavors match perfectly with the nutty profile of cold brew coffee. This drink is inspired by the dessert drink served at Chicago restaurant Alinea , a popcorn and caramel shooter and also a dr…
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Almond Joy Martini
Inspired by Almond Joy candy bars, this martini is perfect for dessert
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BLACK Robusto
The unique floral finish from caramel-coated Arabica coffee beans used by Mr Black reminds me of the special experience of a first-class cigar.Combining palate burning Australian honey and pears presents a grassy, green apple and floral flavour, highlighting the graham cracker and coffee notes of Mr…
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Mr Donut
Inspired by the Breakfast Shot, my go-to shooter, I set out to combine the flavors of coffee, bacon, and pancakes. Somehow, through the magic of mixology, I ended up with the Mr Donut. This cocktail tastes just like a classic donut shop confection. I have no idea how adding bacon-fat washed coffee l…
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Honey Island
Sweet and refreshing. This unusual combination of coffee, honey and citrus creates a perfectly balanced cocktail, based on Tanqueray No. 10 and hightlighted by a soft taste of Slovakian Gentian & Honey aperitif Bentianna. Unique complexity of this drink will definitely lighen up your mood and celebr…
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Phantom Tail
Coffee liqueur takes the place of allspice in this caffeinated spin on a Lion’s Tail. Homemade falernum provides spice, while pineapple-washed bourbon adds a delicate fruitiness. Coffee is an exotic fruit after all—pairing it with other tropical flavors is only right.
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Nae Worms - Coffee Cocktail Challenge
I’m a firm believer in coffee being more useful than just in espresso martinis. I enjoy pairing it with fruity and savoury flavours as I find the coffee adds a je ne sais quoi to the drink. The Oaxacan old fashioned is a regular call of mine. Made here with a fabulous pizorra mezcal that had a supe…
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Sticky Coffee
Nothing is more comforting than good coffee with a decadent cinnamon sticky bun... so here at Savidge Kitchen, I decided to take that cinnamon bun and turn it into a coffee cocktail. The honey and warmth of Drambuie finds a willing partner in a spicy Rye. Mr. Black comes along to quench that coffee…
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Aussie Black Belt
After seeing and trying the Espresso Martiki from Martin Hudak I was pleasingly surprise about how coffee and pineapple work together. This inspired me to try my own take on this combination.
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Cinnamon Roast Brunch
This cocktail is an attempt to distill the essence of a lazy weekend morning into a single beverage. Each sip tastes like a fresh cinnamon roll paired with a perfect cup of coffee.
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Christmas Morning
Inspired by a Spiced Bourbon cocktail by Apartment Bartender, this cocktail marries the classic flavors of bourbon and coffee with warm cinnamon and bright winter citrus. It’s the perfect cocktail for a festive occasion - we recommend it for Christmas brunch!
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Boba Coffee Fantasy
The Boba Coffee Fantasy is inspired by the most popular Taiwanese drink, Bubble Milk Tea. This unusual hot coffee cocktail features coffee, brandy, milk tea and boba tapioca pearls. Coffee pairs well with brandy and blended with Mr. Black coffee liqueur to add extra depth. The brandy infused boba ta…
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Cafe Jalisco
I was inspired here to make this cocktail as I was curious about working with tequila as well as amaro. To balance out the unique flavors of both, I wanted to make a nice dessert cocktail.
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Grace in Manner
I wanted to create an elegant cocktail with delicate notes of coffee, wood, fruit, and nut. Inspired by the rich, decadent notes of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur and the wood, nut and fruit profile of Lustau Dry Amontillado Sherry Marionette Almond Liqueur, and Honest John’s Coffee Cherry Bitters. Th…
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