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30+ Stunning Cocktails from the Coffee Cocktail Challenge

Best Coffee Cocktails

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Sea Salted Caramel Espresso Martini
Beautiful espresso Martini, with a twist of marine vodka and salted caramel syrup, leaving you with a sweat salty espresso experience.
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Sea Salt Caramel Espresso
The Black Forest
Designed to put the Mr Black at the centre whilst using the flavours of a classic Black Forest Gateaux to accent its profile. It’s an elegant dessert cocktail with simplicity and depth of flavour.
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Black Forest Cocktail
Born Bitter
A drink I designed to celebrate the transition of the seasons. Still very autumnal, but absolutely ready to embrace winter. Be careful with the Tabasco btw, it really has to be a single small drop (not a dash!), or it will completely overpower the other flavors.
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Born Bitter Cocktail
Brazilian Midnight
With the organic Agricole taste of Cachaça mixing with the bittersweet aroma of Coffee, this cocktail will indulge your taste buds and all the senses.
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Brazilian Midnight Cocktail
The International
This slightly sweet, complex cocktail is the perfect after-dinner drink. The candied vanilla, spice, and raisin flavors of the Licor 43 and Averna are balanced nicely with the bold, dark flavors of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, all while building on top of the rich foundation of Añejo Tequila.
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International Coffee Cocktail

Coffee Cocktail Challenge

Mr. Swizzle
The Mr. Swizzle combines the burnt sugar flavors of Demerara rum and honey with coffee. This depth is opened up by the lemon juice base and the clove spiced notes of the falernum. Enjoy a few of these at brunch time! You deserve it.
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Mr Swizzle Tiki Cocktail
Coffee Cake Brulee
We know that there isn't actually coffee in a coffee cake. But you're supposed to drink coffee with it, right? This cocktail combines the two in a rich cocktail perfect for dessert...or breakfast.
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Coffee Cake Brulee
New Leaf
Creamy, decadent, packed with fall flavors and a touch of smoke.
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New Leaf Cocktail
North Melbourne Breakfast
Luscious egg coffee with hints of vanilla from brandy topped with creamy, herbaceous and spicy meringue pillow whipped with chartreuse. This complex and well-balanced cocktail brings a truly special and nourishing wake-up experience.
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North Melbourne Breakfast
Named for my favorite coffee shop that sadly became a casualty of the pandemic, the Ramparty is a rebellious mix of coffee, orange, amaro, and underberg. Had a little too much fun last night watching The Great British Baking Show? Feeling sluggish? Stir up a Ramparty and get a little pep in your step before your first zoom meeting!
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Ramparty Coffee Cocktail

Win Coffee Machine

Amoretti Affogato
Inspired by the Italian espresso and gelato after dinner dessert as well as the almond amoretti biscuits traditionally served with Italian coffee.
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Affogato Coffee Cocktail
Karen’s Christmas Carol
Imagine Karen singing Christmas carols at your doorstep, setting the holiday vibes.
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Christmas Carol Cocktail
Black, No Cream
A Manhattan variation with bitterness from amaro, coffee notes from Mr. Black Cold Brew liqueur, and funkiness from dark Jamaican rum.
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Black No Cream Coffee
Wake Up Late
These days it’s hard to wake up and choose between a cold brew or an old fashioned. So I just decided to put them together (and weep gently to myself).
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Wake Up Late Cocktail
Espress Yourself
An espresso martini, incorporating tropical flavors and fresh herbaceous smoke. Back up with dry notes of coffee, cocoa bitters, and real espresso.
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Espress Yourself Cocktail

Purple Hue
"Purple Hue" is best described as a spectrum of colours between Red & Blue. The colours are as distinct as the flavours in this, both blending together and standing out on their own.
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Purple Hue Cocktail
Morning Brew
Bold and creamy, Mr Black Cold Brew liqueur meets brandy, creamy milk, and a frothy aquafaba. The end result is a bitter creamy coffee delight.
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Morning Brew Cocktail
Chocolate, orange and coffee.
Simple, elegant, delicious.
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Jaffa Coffee Cocktail
Surprised Bliss
Coffee, strawberry, spice rum and coconut and milk drink all in one. This is definitely a treat to sip on.
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Surprised Bliss Cocktail
Fire in the Pisco
The love child of a steamy affair between a Pisco Sour and an Espresso Martini. Two cocktail superstars combine to create one fiery flavourful fiesta!
Check out this recipe
Fire in the Pisco
Caffè Bruno
This fruity, tangy sour is sure to delight. Simply delicious and complex, this low-proof cocktail features the magic of pomegranate molasses, which brings out the chocolatey and nutty notes that can be found in Mr. Black’s Cold Brew Liqueur.
Check out this recipe
Caffe Bruno Cocktail
Black Mamba
A blend of rum, coffee, and exotic fruit juices.
Check out this recipe
Black Mamba Cocktail
Morning Wood
It tastes like a boozy coffee milkshake and is perfect for a weekend morning to go along with your brunch!
Check out this recipe
Morning Wood Cocktail
Orange Is The New Black
Spiced Chocolate Orange Rum Espresso Martini
Check out this recipe
Orange is New Black Cocktail
Negroni Nero
Olive brine mixed with Angostura Bitters and squid ink releases a great salinity to extract the citrus and chocolate notes of Mr Black.
Check out this recipe
Negroni Nero Cocktail
Koh I Noir
An outstanding mix (if I do say so myself) leveraging Indian single malt whisky, the delectable Mr Black Amaro, curry leaf infused amaro and a spicy and tropical spin on falernum using a numbing Nepalese peppercorn.
Check out this recipe
Noir Coffee Cocktail
Firm Grip
A slow-sipping digestif cocktail that brings together four strong personalities.
Check out this recipe
Firm Grip Coffee Cocktail
Black Lavender Latte
The Black Lavender Latte is delectable and drinkable any season of the year. The bold coffee flavor comes purely from Mr. Black coffee liqueur, satisfying any coffee lover's craving. Then, the floral notes of the lavender, and slight spice of the cognac combine beautifully in this boozy spin on a latte.
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Black Lavender Latte

Coffee Cocktail Challenge

The heat of the ginger and bold flavour of Mr Black pack a punch, but are mellowed by the soft, earthy notes of the reposado tequila and sweetened ever so slightly by the spiced rum and it's rich cocoa notes, in this easy sipping after dinner cocktail.
Check out this recipe
Dilemma Coffee Cocktail
Bahamas Daiquiri
The cocktail is an adapted version of the Bahamas Martini 🇧🇸. The drink was not invented in the Caribbean but in the 5th Floor Bar in London in 2002 🇬🇧. The cocktail combines the bitter coffee perfectly with the fruit of pineapple and coconut 🍍🥥☕️.
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Bahamas Coffee Daiquiri
Café Colado
A coffee variation on the classic Piña Colada. Coffee is centre stage here, the natural fruity acidity in Mr Black is bolstered by fresh pineapple, with balancing richness from coconut cream.
Check out this recipe
Cafe Colado Cocktail
A better way to enjoy your coffee, with the feeling like you’re somewhere tropical. Tadow comes with tropical flavour and hints of spiced banana notes.
Check out this recipe
Tadow Coffee Cocktail
Salted Caramel Espresso Martini
Serve with salted caramel popcorn - yum!
Check out this recipe
Salted Caramel Martini

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