5 Quick and Easy Vodka Cocktails

Quick Easy Vodka Cocktails

Bartenders often overlook vodka as a serious cocktail ingredient due to it’s relatively neutral flavour profile but this very flavour profile allows flexibility when mixing. Vodka‘s neutral taste allows it to be paired with a wide range of other flavours including sweet, sour, savoury and spicy – to name a few. Vodka is an approachable spirit – meaning drinkers that aren’t overly adventurous, that may not like herbaceous or bold bitter flavours will find vodka an easy and obvious choice when mixing.

I’ve compiled some of the most popular vodka cocktails in my most recent upload, 5 Quick and Easy Vodka Cocktails. Watch the video below or skip to each relevant cocktail below:

Appletini | Cosmopolitan | Caipiroska

White Russian | Sea Breeze

Appletini Cocktail Recipe

Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe

Caipiroska Cocktail Recipe

White Russian Recipe

Sea Breeze Cocktail

What is your favourite vodka cocktail? Comment below…

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