5 x Popular Sour Cocktail Recipes

Sour Cocktail Recipes
Whiskey Sour #3 (by Neal Bodenheimer)
4.16 from 50 votes
Neal Bodenheimer from Cure in New Orleans featured in the top 3 from almost 20 Whiskey Sour recipes judged by panelists from PunchDrink.com
Neal's recipe is my personal favourite of the 3 finalists. Using a Bourbon Whiskey base makes it the sweeter of the 3 but boasts fragrant aromas from the mist of Angostura bitters which finishes off the drink nicely.
The top 3 Whiskey Sour recipes:
  1. Dan Sabo's Whiskey Sour
  2. Erik Adkins' Whiskey Sour
  3. Neal Bodenheimer's Whiskey Sour
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Best Whiskey Sour Recipe
Aperol Sour
4.38 from 29 votes
The Aperol Sour features a textural mouth feel and bright citrus notes accompanied by a gentle bitterness. A grapefruit/citrus forward gin (such as Threefold Aromatic Gin, Tanqueray 10, etc.) works well as it pairs with the citrus and bitter grapefruit notes of Aperol.
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Aperol Sour Recipe
3-ingredient Midori Sour
3.03 from 621 votes
This 3-ingredient sour recipe is by far the best Midori Sour version I've tried to date. The Midori melon liqueur has enough sweetness to balance the acidic lime juice and the egg whites bring a nice texture to this melon flavoured cocktail.
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Midori Sour Recipe
Amaretto Sour Cocktail Recipe
2.89 from 1627 votes
Without a doubt this is the best Amaretto Sour recipe you will come across, thanks to Jeffrey Morgenthaler.
The original recipe was devised by the importer of Amaretto di Saronno (now simply known as Disaronno), and consisted of 2 parts amaretto and 1 part lemon juice. The drink was popular in the 80s, during a terrible time when bartenders used sour mix instead of fresh juice. Bartenders used sour mix in place of lemon juice, resulting in a sickly sweet mess of a drink.
Please don't make your Amaretto Sours like this.
Jeffrey Morgenthaler, a renowned Portland bartender and author, saved the drink's reputation by using fresh ingredients and adding in a cask-strength bourbon whiskey. Amaretto liqueur is too sweet and weak on its own, so the higher-strength whiskey adds proof, cutting back it's sweetness, whilst the fresh egg white adds a velvety texture.
Check out the video for a side by side tasting of Amaretto Sours using popular amaretto liqueurs (Disaronno vs Lazzaroni vs Luxardo).
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Amaretto Sour Recipe
Pisco Sour
3.16 from 131 votes
The Pisco Sour is the national drink of Peru and Chile - both of which lay their stake on the origins of the spirit and cocktail. It is said that the drink was first created back in the 1920s in Peru.
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Pisco Sour Recipe

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