7 Bar Tools Every Good Bartender Must Have

Must Have Bar Tools

We’ve compiled a list of the necessary bar tools that you will need in shaking, stirring and mixing good cocktails.

Cocktail Shaker:

Boston Shaker SetThere are several types of cocktail shakers to choose from, the two most prevalent being the Cobbler Shaker and the Boston Shaker. The Cobbler Shaker is a 3-piece shaker that has a built-in strainer within the lid whilst the Boston Shaker consists of only 2-pieces. The Boston Shaker can consist of a tin and glass or a small and large tin – you will need to use a hawthorn strainer with a Boston Shaker in order to strain your cocktail into it’s drinking vessel.

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Yarai Mixing GlassMixing Glass:

If you opt for a Boston Shaker then you can utilise your glass from the shaker as a mixing glass or even a standard drinking glass for that matter but if you are looking for something a little more professional, take a look at the Yarai Mixing Glass which has a high capacity and is a rock solid mixing glass.

Teardrop BarspoonBar Spoon:

Necessary for all your stirred drinks. You can use a standard spoon but a bar spoon has more length, usually around 25-30cm, which makes it much easier to make a stirred drink when using a mixing glass or hi-ball glass.

Japanese JiggerMeasuring Tool:

Whether you decide to use a measuring cup that you already have at home or a jigger, remember that accuracy and consistency is important when making your drink. You want to ensure you get the balance right for strength, sweetness, sourness, etc. and your measuring tool will help achieve this.

Baron Hawthorn StrainerStrainer:

If you opt for the Cobbler Shaker, you’re all sorted with the built-in strainer but if you go with a Boston Shaker you’ll need a hawthorn strainer when transferring your freshly shaken cocktail into a glass. You may also want to invest in a conical strainer (or tea strainer) which finely strains out pips, pulp and finer ice shards.

Speed PourerPourer:

Although not a necessity, the humble speed pourer makes measuring and pouring so much easier. Having a few speed pourers on hand will make it much easier to make consistent drinks and save on wastage after you’ve had a few 😉 there aren’t many options when it comes to speed pourers but Uber Bar Tools BarFlow or ProFlow pourers – they are the best in the industry, a little more expensive but they’ll last 10 times as long compared to any other and the smooth, consistent pour is incredible.

Cutting Tool:

A small paring knife will do the trick. You can cut small citrus such as lemons and limes for juicing and garnish; wheels, wedges, twists, etc.

What is your favourite bar tool?

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