Buy a Bottle for the YouTube Channel!

Your chance to Buy the Backbar!

1. Buy a bottle to be featured
2. Get a shout out within a few videos

Buy the Backbar is open again for round three!

I’m blown away and extremely appreciative with the constant support that I receive with the YouTube channel. Recently I’ve had a number of people ask if they can send a bottle to show support as a once off rather than a monthly commitment through my Patreon page. The main issue is that the cost of shipping is often more than the bottle itself and as a result I’ve introduced Buy the Backbar!

Someone suggested I offer a Buy a Bottle system and voila, here it is!


  1. How does it work?
    Pretty simply actually. You can opt to purchase a bottle for the sole purpose of being utilised within the videos (without the shipping cost). I promise I won’t partake in extra curricular consumption of said bottles!
  2. What do you get?
    You can pick a bottle from the items below. The bottle will then have your name tied around it’s neck and I’ll use it for the videos, giving you at least a few shout outs to say thank you. You can play a part in helping the channel grow and I can continue to provide free content to others.
  3. Why is it more expensive?
    The prices listed below are a discounted purchase price of the bottles here in Australia (converted into USD). Australia has some of the highest alcohol taxes in the world (read more here). Currently the government collects approximately $87/litre excise duty (which equates to $27.40 per 700ml bottle of 45% spirit) and then another 10% Goods & Services tax on top of this.




Thanks for your support!