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Buy the Backbar has evolved over the years…

In the early days many people wanted to send me a bottle but it created a problem.

The cost of shipping a bottle from abroad to Australia was always more expensive than the bottle itself. And, on top of that, Australian taxes on alcohol are some of the most expensive in the world. When the bottle landed in Australia I would be liable for import fees, taxes and alcohol duty which now equates to over $100 per litre of alcohol! By the time the bottle arrived at my studio, it could cost up to 2.5 times what the bottle sold for in the first place.

This is where the idea of Buy the Backbar began. Supporters could buy a bottle online and it would be purchased in Australia, saving hundreds of dollars. The bottle would then be used to create cocktail videos and I would show my appreciation by giving a shout out in 1 or more videos. But, then I ran into another problem.

Before I knew it I had way too many bottles. I know, I know. What a tough problem to have…

As a result Buy the Backbar had to change and now it is more like a virtual tipping system. If you choose to tip, it will enable me to continue buying bottles, ingredients and equipment so that I can keep sharing videos and content with you.

In return I’ll be forever grateful and I’ll give you a shout out in an upcoming video (see here for an example).


What is Buy the Backbar?

Buy the Backbar is a way to support the ongoing production of the STB YouTube channel (an alternative to the monthly commitment of joining my Patreon).

How much does it cost?

Buy the Backbar is currently set at $20 USD for the first 10 supporters.

What do I get in return?

You’ll receive a shout out on the channel within an upcoming video and I’ll be forever grateful for your support. It will contribute to the production of more videos and cocktail content that I continue to share with everyone.

AdelaideLuxardo Amaretto
Alex ACasamigos Blanco
Amanda MSuntory Whiskey
Amanda MOld Forester Bourbon
BGRedbreast 12 yr
Caleb TKnob Creek Rye
Chris HCynar
Colleen RLillet Blanc
Colton Cocktail ClubValdespino Fino
Craig EAperol
Daniel ORegan’s Orange Bitters
Daryn BAppleton 12 yr
David BCachaca
Emma SPlantation 5yo
Ethan KCappaletti Rabarbaro
GrahamRum-Bar OP
GregorPierre Ferrand Dry Curacao
Jacob RSpicebox Whiskey
Jacob SMezcal Vago Elote Mezcal
Jared SNapolean Mandarin Liqueur
Jay TRhum JM Agricole
John GCointreau
Jonas LFernet Branca
Julio MWorth Park Single Estate Rum
Justin MCocchi Vermouth di Torino
KatiePlantation Pineapple Rum
Kyle HBeefeater Gin
Lesley BCocchi Americano
Manav BDomaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
Max BDrumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin
Max BJames E. Pepper 1776 Bourbon
Mike RLe Tribute Gin
Pierre SUnderberg
Rebecca RUnderberg
Rickard WWray & Nephew OP
Rodrigo NAncho Reyes Chile Liqueur
Sacott AFlor de Cana 7 yr
Sarah KAngostura Aged Rum
Steve DGreen Chartreuse
Tim KPimento Dram
Tim KPlantation 3 Star
Tom SBowmore 10 yr
Trevor RPlantation OFTD
William TEl Dorado
Yuahen BMeyers Rum