Shaken cocktails, peeling like a pro & mezcal

La Luna Mezcal

The Weekly Stir Down – Issue 001:
Shaken cocktails, peeling like a pro & mezcal

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15 x Easy Shaken Cocktailswatch video | download recipes

Video highlights: Gold Rush, Sherry Cobbler & Milano-Torino Sour (my personal favourite).

15 Easy Cocktails



Ditch the fingertip-slicing OXO Y Peeler that everyone always recommends and grab yourself a BOSKA cheese slicer. These are legit. I’ve been using one for 6+ months now and it produces beautiful, thick and consistent citrus peels that are especially great for old fashioned and negronis. Watch Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s comparison here.

Boska Cheese Slicer


I have mentioned Dave Arnold’s Liquid Intelligence countless times on my YouTube channel and for good reason. Dave Arnold is the science guru of cocktails. For decades he’s been undertaking experiments to discover the best techniques. One key takeaway that he writes about is the relationship between chilling and dilution when making drinks. It’s a must read for anyone that is serious about making cocktails and wants to understand the fundamentals.

Liquid Intelligence


To be honest, mezcal knowledge is not my strong point. Over the recent years I’ve grown to love this spirit category but limited access to mezcal in Australia has hindered my experience with it… so, I was super pumped when La Luna Mezcal reached out in order to send me some samples! They sent me 6 of their expressions which highlight regionally grown agave and sampling them side by side shows just how much influence terroir and the agave variety has on the final spirit’s flavour and aroma.

90% of mezcal is produced from just one type of agave (Espadin) and this variety isn’t native to La Luna’s home town of Michoacan so many of their mezcal expressions highlight regionally grown agave such as Cupreata (which is native and abundant). Stay tuned for these mezcal’s to be featured on the channel during Mezcal Week (8th-15th September).

La Luna Mezcal

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