Paddington PDT Cocktail
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PDT in NYC has a bear named Paddington within the venue. David Slape was the first bartender to be hired at PDT and he created this riff on a Hemingway Daiquiri with Paddington’s treat of choice, orange marmalade.…

First Post Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail Recipes

First Post

The First Post was created by Alastair Walker whilst serving time at The Everleigh in Melbourne. A unique take on a gin collins with the addition of a woody, herbal and bitter Gentian liqueur and anise notes brought by…

Vermouth Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail Recipes

Chrysanthemum No. 2

The Chrysanthemum No. 2 is a variation of the original and is featured in Jamie Boudreau's The Canon Cocktail Book. A light, bright, low ABV, vermouth-driven cocktail.…