Amaretto (Italian for “a little bitter”) is a sweet Italian liqueur that originated in Saronno, Italy. Originally flavoured from bitter almonds, now modern commercial brands often use a base of apricot pits, peach pits, or almonds, which provide the almond-like flavour of the liqueur.

Amaretto is often served on its own, with coffee or in cocktails such as the Amaretto Sour.

Godfather Drink Recipe


A concoction of whisky and Amaretto makes for a amazingly simply drink that will go down with ease. Try these few suggestions to make the perfect Godfather cocktail.…

White Possum Naked Amaretto

You'll be greeted with an explosion of marzipan flavour thanks to a generous infusion of bitter almonds. It's thick, decadent and syrup-like with plenty of sweetness.…

GTO Cocktail Recipe

The GTO Cocktail

The GTO Cocktail was created at the Jones' Pizza Bar in Los Angeles. A tropical and fruity bourbon-based cocktail with notes of almond from the Amaretto liqueur.…

Downhill Racer Rum Recipe

Downhill Racer

The Downhill Racer cocktail recipe was featured on Difford's Guide. The Amaretto liqueur and the sweet, tart fresh pineapple juice soften the large measure of aged rum.…

Petanque Cocktail Recipe


Created by Seattle bartender Andrew Bohrer in 2014 at Mistral Kitchen. A low ABV cocktail bringing ingredients from various origins. Spanish sherry, Italian Amaretto, American bitters and Czech absinthe.…

Amaretto Sour Recipe

Amaretto Sour

Made using Amaretto, an almond liqueur. The sweet & sour ingredients create a sweet, marzipan taste - an acquired taste to some but you can always introduce bourbon whiskey to lower the sweetness and increase the intensity.…