Baileys Irish Cream is a blend of Irish whiskey and a cream-based liqueur made in Ireland. It sits at only 17% so it’s an easy one to sip over ice but our favourite is in the creamy cocktail, the Toblerone.

Frozen Mudslide

Frozen Mudslide

Death and Co. bartender, Devon Tarby, reworked the 1980s mudslide. Incorporating ice cream into the mudslide removes the need for ice resulting in a richer flavour.…

Vodka Mudslide Cocktail


Thick vanilla ice cream perfectly matches the coffee-flavoured Kahlua and rich Baileys whilst the vodka just gives it that extra kick that a Mudslide cocktail needs!…

Toblerone Cocktail


One of everyone's creamy cocktail favourites. Ditch the blender and shake your Toblerone cocktail for a more intense flavour - try it!…