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Aromatic bitters is an alcoholic bittering and flavouring agent that can be used to add complexity to cocktails. The bitters is usually flavoured with botanicals to create a bittersweet flavour. The most well-known bitters being made by Angostura.

The simplest of recipes featuring a bitters would have to be the Old Fashioned.

Pendennis Club Cocktail
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Pendennis Club

The Pendennis Club cocktail originates from the exclusive social club of the same name in Louisville Kentucky. Gin and apricot brandy are paired together, balanced with fresh lime and flavoured with the slightly sweeter aromatic bitters, Peychaud's.…

100 Year Old Cigar
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100 Year Old Cigar

The 100 Year Old Cigar is a complex blend of aged rum, honeyed-herbal liqueur, vegetal bitter amaro liqueur and smoky whisky. The smoke seems to be the dominant flavour supported by the other bitter, herbal notes.…

Latin Trifecta Cocktail
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Latin Trifecta

Latin Trifecta brings together ingredients from Spain, Mexico and Italy. Cynar, the bittersweet amaro, is the dominant flavour accompanied by spicey agave and nutty, dry sherry.…

Rob Roy Cocktail Recipe
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Rob Roy (Scotch Manhattan)

The Rob Roy is essentially a Scotch Manhattan. It will be a slightly less sweet version of a classic Manhattan. It displays sweet, subtle smoke with honeyed fruit on the palate.…

Smoky Cocktail Recipe
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Needle in the Hay

The Needle in the Hay was created by Los Angeles-based mixologist Devon Tarby. She was a contributor to the well known cocktail book, Cocktail Codex. An Autumn Islay whisky cocktail - smoky, sweet maple flavours and undertones of apple.…

Boozy Suzy Cocktail
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Boozy Suzy

Print Boozy Suzy Cocktail Recipe Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 5 ratings Category: Cocktail Recipes, Videos Author: Steve the Bartender This Boozy Suzy recipe is adapted slightly from Simon Difford's original which was created in 2015.…

Coffee Cocktail Recipe
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Print Un-fig-gettable Cocktail Recipe Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 1 ratings Category: Cocktail Recipes, Videos Author: Steve the Bartender The Un-Fig-Gettable cocktail is certainly a rich and tasty coffee cocktail. The bitter flavours and dryness of…

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