Aromatic bitters is an alcoholic bittering and flavouring agent that can be used to add complexity to cocktails. The bitters is usually flavoured with botanicals to create a bittersweet flavour. The most well-known bitters being made by Angostura.

The simplest of recipes featuring a bitters would have to be the Old Fashioned.

Applejack Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail Recipes

Feeling Tipsy

The Feeling Tipsy cocktail recipe features Laird's Applejack and was first published prior to prohibition times then resurrected by Jim Meehan of PDT in New York.…

Strawberry Gin Fizz
Cocktail Recipes Videos

Strawberry Gin Fizz

Gin seems to be the most popular base for a fizz and there are also a multitude of variations such as silver, golden and royal fizz which are with egg white, egg yolk and whole egg (respectively).…

Pisco Sour Recipe
Cocktail Recipes Videos

Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour is the national drink of Peru and Chile - both of which lay their stake on the origins of the spirit and cocktail. It is said that the drink was first created back in the 1920s…

Amaretto Sour Recipe
Cocktail Recipes Videos

Amaretto Sour

Made using Amaretto, an almond liqueur. The sweet & sour ingredients create a sweet, marzipan taste - an acquired taste to some but you can always introduce bourbon whiskey to lower the sweetness and increase the intensity.…

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