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Adios Mother Cocktail
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Adios Motherf***er (AMF)

A simple variation on the Long Island Iced Tea with blue curacao instead of triple sec. An electric blue, potent cocktail crudely named the Adios Motherf***er (or AMF).…

Blue Hawaiian Cocktail
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Blue Hawaiian

The Blue Hawaiian is a variation on the Blue Hawaii but I’d argue that it more closely resembles a Pina Colada than a Blue Hawaii.…

Blue Hawaii Cocktail
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Blue Hawaii

Bartender Harry Yee created the Blue Hawaii cocktail in 1957 at the Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. Bols sales rep came to Yee asking for a drink made with the company’s blue curaçao liqueur.…

Fruit Tingle Cocktail
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Fruit Tingle

Bringing me back to my first bar job. Personally I avoid a blue drink but it is a popular drink none the less. Vodka & blue curacao, lemonade & a dash of raspberry.…

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