Cocktail Recipes

The Cutter

The Cutter is a riff on the Paper Plane, by Alec Bales. Bales swaps the sweet notes of Aperol for the drier and bittersweet Campari before adding rich simple syrup and a dash of bitters for additional complexity.…

Midnight Stinger Cocktail
Cocktail Recipes

Midnight Stinger

Sam Ross and the team at Attaboy forego the menu and rely on bartender's choice. The Midnight Stinger is the go to for a whiskey/citrus/bitter combo.…

Elder Fashioned
Cocktail Recipes

Elder Fashioned

There are two popular recipes for the Elder Fashioned each calling for alternate base spirits. Phil Ward of Death & Co created his Elder-Fashioned with Plymouth gin and Simon Difford used bourbon whiskey whilst at The Cabinet Room in…

Billionaire Cocktail
Cocktail Recipes


The Billionaire is an Employees Only take on the prohibition classic Millionaire. There are several conflicting recipes to be found online.…

Millionaire Cocktail
Cocktail Recipes


A traditional sour recipe that came to light during the prohibition era. The Millionaire name has been utilised by a number of cocktails over the years but this is our favourite.…

Best Whiskey Sour

The Best Whiskey Sour Recipe

17 of America's best bartenders submited their finest recipe for the Whiskey Sour—which were then blind-tasted to find the best of the best.…

Green Chartreuse Cocktails
Cocktail Recipes

Last Flight

This cleverly named cocktail is a cross between two of my favourite cocktails - The Last Word and a Paper Plane.…