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GTO Cocktail Recipe
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The GTO Cocktail

The GTO Cocktail was created at the Jones' Pizza Bar in Los Angeles. A tropical and fruity bourbon-based cocktail with notes of almond from the Amaretto liqueur.…

Black Manhattan Cocktail
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Black Manhattan

The Black Manhattan used Averna Amaro in the place of sweet vermouth. The Manhattan variation was created by Todd Smith whilst behind the stick at San Francisco's Bourbon & Branch.…

Apricot Sour Recipe
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Apricot Sour

The Apricot Sour is a slight variation on a classic whiskey sour - the recipe is featured on a bottle of Marionette Apricot Brandy liqueur. You can also stick to the standard whiskey sour recipe and add apricot jam/preserve.…

Brown Derby Cocktail
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Brown Derby

The Brown Derby is somewhat of a bourbon whiskey based riff on a classic daiquiri. A big measure of bourbon is balanced with sweet honey syrup and sour and subtly bitter grapefruit juice. Named after the popular LA restaurant…

Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe
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Old Fashioned

The great debate; Rye or bourbon whiskey? It's all down to personal taste. Find out how to make a spot on Old Fashioned - a few dashes of aromatic bitters, the right dilution...…

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