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  • Gennaros Sidecare Recipe
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    Gennaro’s Sidecar

    Gennaro's Sidecar is a creation of Gennaro Contaldo, Jamie Oliver's first boss, mentor and friend. It's a simple twist on a classic Sidecar recipe with the addition of Limoncello.…

  • Pink Panthers Milk
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Pink Panther’s Milk

    Leche de Pantera is a popular Spanish cocktail made with condensed milk, gin and water/ice. It was first created around the 1920s. A bar across the street named Tasca El Corral…

  • 1910 Cocktail Recipe
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    1910 Cocktail

    The 1910 is a creation of Ezra Star from Drink (bar) in Boston. A smoky and complex mezcal riff on a classic Manhattan. 1910 was the year of the Mexican Revolution…

  • French Riviera Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    French Riviera

    The French Riviera was created in 2015 by Tom Byrne at Charlotte's W4 in London. The sweet combination of honey, lemon and apricot work seamlessly with the cognac and gold rum.…

  • Suffering Bastard Cocktail
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    Suffering Bastard

    The Suffering Bastard was invented by Joe Scialom at the Shepheard’s Hotel in Cairo in 1942. Also published in Beachbum Berry's Remixed.…

  • Brandy Alexander
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    Brandy Alexander

    The Brandy Alexander is actually a variation of the long forgotten classic, the gin-based Alexander. The Brandy Alexander was created in New York City at Hotel Rector.…

  • Coffee Cocktail Recipe
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Coffee Cocktail

    The Coffee Cocktail can be found in Jerry Thomas' infamous Bartender's Manual. It's rich and fruity on the nose with plenty of spice from the freshly grated nutmeg. It tastes somewhat…

  • Corpse Reviver No 1
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Corpse Reviver No. 1

    The Corpse Reviver No. 1 is featured in Harry Craddock's Savoy Cocktail Book. A secondary version, creatively named Corpse Reviver No. 2, is also featured within the book.…

  • Brandy Flip Recipe
    Cocktail Recipes

    Brandy Flip

    The Brandy Flip is a simple, 3-ingredient cocktail with a rich flavour and creamy texture. The very first Flips emerged as early as the late 1600s.…

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