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Campari is a unique, Italian aperitif like no other. Characterised by it’s deep red colour and intensely bitter flavours. It varies greatly in acoholic percentage depending on country, ranging from 20.5% to 28.5%.

Campari is commonly served with soda or orange juice in Italy. It’s also a popular ingredient in cocktails such as the Negroni or Americano.

Chocolate Old Pal
Cocktail Recipes Videos

All In (Old Pal Riff)

The All In cocktail from New York's Nitecap bar is a descendant of the Old Pal. Only a small addition of creme de cacao brings a hint of chocolate to this bittersweet drink.…

Negroni Ice Cream Float
Cocktail Recipes Videos

Negroni Ice Cream Float

A Negroni float is a nostalgic and playful way to sit back and enjoy an adult beverage. True to it's inspiration from a classic Negroni with bittersweet flavours and the addition of a creamy, effervescent texture.…

Chocolate Negroni Recipe
Cocktail Recipes

Chocolate Negroni

A delicious chocolate-y variation on the classic Negroni made with chocolate liqueur. I highly recommend making your own incredible easy DIY Creme de Cacao for a rich, textural drink.…

Classic Negroni Recipe
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Classic Negroni

A classic Negroni cocktail generally calls for equal parts but I've opted for a more gin-forward approach for the 3 ingredient cocktail.…

Salty Bird Cocktail
Cocktail Recipes

The Salty Bird

The Salty Bird is a creation of Lauren Schell of The Everleigh in Australia. Also a former bartender of iconic bars, Milky & Honey and Little Branch. The cocktail is a bittersweet rum laced pineapple sipper.…

Mean Fiddler Cocktail
Cocktail Recipes Videos

The Mean Fiddler

The Mean Fiddler is a complex creation from the team at Dead Rabbit in New York City. It combines herbal, sweet, smoky, bitter, spicy and aromatic flavours for a cocktail with great depth and intricacy.…

Americano Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail Recipes

Americano in 6 Simple Steps

A popular Italian drink going back as far as 1860. The Americano is the perfect low alcoholic drink to make use of that spare bottle of luminescent Campari.…

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