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Coffee liqueurs are the perfect pick-me-up as well as being an essential ingredient in many classic and modern classic cocktails including the Espresso Martini, White Russian and many more. They can also be enjoyed neat or over ice for an ideal dessert sipper.


Coffee Liqueur Mr Black


Want to upgrade your coffee liqueur?

Look no further than Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur which is made at a coffee roastery and distillery located just outside of Sydney, Australia. It uses a base spirit of Australian wheat vodka along with cold-brewed coffee made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. No caramel, vanilla, or artificial flavors added. It boasts a higher caffeine content with less sugar.

  • Dominicana Cocktail Recipe
    Cocktail Recipes Videos


    The late Sasha Petraska created the Dominicana. It first appeared at his Milk and Honey bar around 2011. Rich, creamy and decadent all with just 3 ingredients.…

  • Coffee Cold Fashioned
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Cold Fashioned

    An equal part cocktail that combines the caffeine-rich coffee liqueur, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, and a spicy rye whiskey. Enjoy coffee into the night.…

  • Coffee Negroni
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Coffee Negroni

    A subtle riff on the classic Negroni. The addition of coffee liqueur adds a new dimension to the Italian classic cocktail.…

  • Cafe Boulevardier Recipe
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    Cafe Boulevardier

    The Amaro Montenegro definitely softens the bitterness whilst Mr Black Coffee Liqueur brings rich coffee flavours. Enjoy up or on the rocks with a large twist of orange.…

  • Cafecita Cuban Cocktail
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    El Cafecita

    The El Cafecita cocktail is inspired by a Cuban style coffee. Featuring dark rum (preferably Cuban) alongside flavours of sweet vanilla and coffee.…

  • Spiced Ice Coffee
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    Spiced Ice Coffee

    A rich adults-only version of your iced coffee - spiked with a touch of spiced rum, sweetened with a touch of agave syrup and a heavy dose of caffeine thanks to…

  • Mr Black Rye Ball
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Mr. Black Rye Ball

    The Mr. Black Rye Ball is reminiscent of the classic Boulevardier with cold brew coffee liqueur as the sweet component - replacing the sweet vermouth. The proportions are also tweaked so the…

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