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  • Catamaran Cocktail
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    A grapefruit-forward gin works amazingly well in this drink - the bitter citrus flavours are complimented and amplified with the Aperol, grapefruit juice and cinnamon syrup. The cream of coconut balances…

  • Coconut Batida Cocktail
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    Batida de Coco

    The Batida is a popular Brazilian cocktail that rivals the Caipirinha although it isn't as well known outside of the country's borders. It's typically a combination of Cachaca and fruit blended…

  • DIY Cream of Coconut
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    DIY Cream of Coconut

    Coco Lopez creme of coconut is the commercial product of choice for many bars around the world but it can be difficult to source in some countries outside the US. Jeff…

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