100 Year Old Cigar
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100 Year Old Cigar

The 100 Year Old Cigar is a complex blend of aged rum, honeyed-herbal liqueur, vegetal bitter amaro liqueur and smoky whisky. The smoke seems to be the dominant flavour supported by the other bitter, herbal notes.…

Little Italy Cocktail
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Little Italy

The Little Italy was created by Audrey Saunders of the Pegu Club bar in NYC. A subtly bitter variation on the classic Manhattan using the bitter Italian liqueur, Cynar.…

Latin Trifecta Cocktail
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Latin Trifecta

Latin Trifecta brings together ingredients from Spain, Mexico and Italy. Cynar, the bittersweet amaro, is the dominant flavour accompanied by spicey agave and nutty, dry sherry.…

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Cynar Negroni

A very simple variation on the classic Negroni. Substitute the usual bitter component, Campari, with another Italian amaro, Cynar - a bittersweet, herbal liqueur made with 13 botanicals.…

Cynar Ccoktail Recipe
Cocktail Recipes Videos

Remember the Alimony

A modern low ABV sherry cocktail. First created by Dan Greenbaum in 2012 whilst behind the stick at short-lived New York City cocktail bar, The Beagle. The Remember the Alimony is reminiscent to a classic Negroni with the same…

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Oaxaca Forever

The Oaxaca Forever draws inspiration from the gin based classic cocktail, the Negroni. The gin is replaced with a smoky mezcal, sweet vermouth for coffee liqueur and Campari component swapped for an amaro. Bold, smoky and full on flavour.…

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