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  • Chambord SIdecar
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Chambord Sidecar

    Chambord Black Raspberry liqueur can be used in place of the existing sweetener in many classic cocktails and the Sidecar is an excellent example of this.…

  • Pegu Club Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes

    Pegu Club

    The Pegu Club was created in the 1920s at the expat gentlemen's club of the same name (in Burma). Featured in ABC of Mixing Cocktails and the Savoy Cocktail Book.…

  • After Supper Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    After Supper

    The After Supper cocktail can be found in The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock. It's an ideal cocktail to showcase a particular orange liqueur.…

  • Yellow Smash Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Yellow Smash

    The Yellow Smash was created Munich by Klaus St. Rainer of the “Goldene Bar”. It is a typical smash cocktail - a sour made with fresh herbs to impart more flavour,…

  • Claridge Cocktail Recipe
    Cocktail Recipes Videos


    The Claridge cocktail was featured in both Barflies and Cocktails and Harry Craddock's The Savoy Cocktail Book. It could be considered a distant variation on a classic martini - with the…

  • Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
    Cocktail Recipes

    Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

    Essentially a tiki-style Daiquiri created by Trader Vic. The simple syrup is substituted for orange curaçao and spiced falernum to intensify the tropical flavors.…

  • Mai Tai Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes

    Mai Tai (Trader Vic)

    The Mai Tai is a classic tiki style cocktail made using aged rum, orange curacao, fresh lime juice and orgeat (almond syrup). This particular Mai Tai recipe is a slight adaptation…

  • Knickerbocker Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes Videos


    The Knickerbocker cocktail first appeared in Jerry Thomas' The Bartender's Guide. The rum pairs perfectly with a housemade fresh raspberry syrup, accented with the dryness of orange curacao.…

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