Mini Beer Shots
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Mini Beer Shot

The Mini Beer Shot is deliciously sweet, creamy and easy to drink shooter. The original shooter recipe calls for Licor 43 Original and heavy cream layered gently on top.…

Coconut Margarita Recipe
Cocktail Recipes

Coconut Margarita

Coconut and vanilla are the stars of this show, and the reposado tequila counters the brightness of the lime with rich depth.…

Oliveto Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail Recipes


Marvel Bar in Minneapolis have been serving Olivetos since they first opened back in 2011. This gin sour calls for the addition of olive oil and Licor 43.…

Cafecita Cuban Cocktail
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El Cafecita

The El Cafecita cocktail is inspired by a Cuban style coffee. Featuring dark rum (preferably Cuban) alongside flavours of sweet vanilla and coffee.…