Mezcal Daiquiri
Cocktail Recipes

Jovencourt Daiquiri

The Mezcal/Jovencourt Daiquiri was created by New York bartender, Phil Ward. Phil made modern classics such as the Oaxaca Old Fashioned.…

Frozen Daiquiri Recipe
Cocktail Recipes

Frozen Daiquiri

Starbuck's use this secret ingredient to make better frozen drinks. You can use it to elevate your frozen cocktails and make epic Daiquiris.…

Darryl Strawberry Cocktaill
Cocktail Recipes

Darryl Strawberry (at the Yankees)

A delicious sipper created by Robin Guzman, starring Amaro Montenegro and a lightly aged rum. The addition of muddled lemons, rich demerara syrup and strawberries takes us close to the smash family of cocktails for a bittersweet drink.…

Fay Wray Cocktail
Cocktail Recipes

Fay Wray

The Fay Wray is a creation of Matthew Belanger from Donna in Brooklyn, New York. A tropical, fruity and fun tiki style drink.…