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  • Great Gatsby Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Great Gatsby

    Great Gatsby cocktail is a creation of Matt Gilpin of Highlands Bar and Grill. A light, bright and citrusy cocktail - an easy sipper. Grapefruit juice pairs perfectly with the citrus…

  • Vesper Martini Recipe
    Cocktail Recipes Videos


    The Vesper features in Ian Fleming’s novel, Casino Royale, agent 007 instructs a bartender to mix “three measures Gordon’s, one of vodka, a half measure of Kina Lillet.…

  • 20th Century Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    20th Century Cocktail

    The 20th Century cocktail was created as homage to the high-end passenger rail that operated between Chicago and New York for 65 years. First featured in the 1937 Cafe Royal Cocktail…

  • Paddington PDT Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes


    PDT in NYC has a bear named Paddington within the venue. David Slape was the first bartender to be hired at PDT and he created this riff on a Hemingway Daiquiri…

  • Unusual Negroni Recipe
    Cocktail Recipes

    Unusual Negroni

    The Unusual Negroni is a more approachable, mellow version of a classic Campari-based Negroni.Aperol displays bitter orange and grapefruit notes that compliment the Lillet Blanc's honeyed-citrus flavours.…

  • White Negroni Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    White Negroni

    White Negroni Cocktail Recipe Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 44ratings Category: Cocktail Recipes, Videos Author: Steve the Bartender The White Negroni was another cocktail created out of necessity.…

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