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  • Devils Soul Cocktail
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    Devil’s Soul

    Gary Regan first published Ted Kilgore’s Devil’s Soul cocktail in his book, 101 Best New Cocktails 2012. It's truly an unusual mix of ingredients with spicy rye whiskey, smoky mezcal, 2…

  • Aventura Cocktail Recipe
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    The Aventura Cocktail is a creation of the Bevvy Cocktail Lab - a mix of Mezcal, Grand Marnier (Orange Liqueur) and Elderflower Liqueur. The addition of fresh muddled raspberries bring a…

  • Raspberry Paloma Cocktail
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    Smoky Raspberry Paloma

    Typically a Paloma calls for tequila but I've added another dimension by reaching for a bottle of Mezcal instead. A touch of raspberry liqueur helps counter the intense smoky flavour.…

  • 1910 Cocktail Recipe
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    1910 Cocktail

    The 1910 is a creation of Ezra Star from Drink (bar) in Boston. A smoky and complex mezcal riff on a classic Manhattan. 1910 was the year of the Mexican Revolution…

  • Mezcal Cocktail Recipe
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    Pearl of Puebla

    Pearl of Puebla cocktail is a Mexican rendition on Audrey Saunder's French Pearl. Using mezcal in place of gin. Complex with smoky, honeyed citrus and plenty of herbal notes.…

  • Coffee Pura Vida Cocktail
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    Pura Vida Coffee Cocktail

    The Pura Vida coffee cocktail is a full-flavoured smoky mezcal number. Featuring a subtle coffee flavour accompanied by notes of bitter orange. The cocktail was first created in London at a…

  • Naked and Famous Cocktail
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    Naked and Famous

    The Naked and Famous cocktail is "the bastard love child of a classic Last Word and a Paper Plane, conceived in the mountains of Oaxaca.". First created at the well renowned…

  • Oaxacan Cocktail Recipe
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    Last of the Oaxacans

    Last of the Oaxacans Cocktail Recipe Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 33ratings Category: Cocktail Recipes, Videos Author: Steve the Bartender The Last of the Oaxacans is a variation…

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