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With a refreshing melon taste, and just the right touch of sweetness, MIDORI can be used to mix a wide range of delicious long drinks and cocktails! Grab yourself a bottle of Midori and mix two of the most popular Midori cocktails, the Midori Illusion and Midori Splice.

Tokyo Iced Tea
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Tokyo Iced Tea

A simple variation on the Long Island Iced Tea. Substitute in Midori melon liqueur in place of the triple sec and voila - a bright green, potent cocktail.…

Electric Circus Cocktail
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Electric Circus

The Electric Circus was created at North Carolina’s Little Jumbo. It's a unique riff on the Last Word utilising Midori melon liqueur. The sweet green liqueur is accompanied with tart citrus and herbal notes.…

Japanese Slipper Cocktail
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Japanese Slipper

The Japanese Slipper is a citrusy tart, melon cocktail that was first created in Melbourne (Australia) at Mietta's Restaurant in 1984.…

Midori Splice Cocktail
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Midori Splice

The aptly named Midori Splice tastes remarkably similar to that of a Splice ice cream. Flavours of fresh melon and coconut make a deliciously sweet tropical cocktail.…

Midori Illusion Recipe
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Midori Illusion

The Midori Illusion has also been known as a popular shooter recipe but serve it tall over ice and you have a sweet, refreshing, citrus and pineapple cocktail.…

Midori Sour Recipe
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3 Ingredient Midori Sour

This 3-ingredient sour recipe is by far the best Midori Sour version I've tried to date. The Midori melon liqueur has enough sweetness to balance the acidic lime juice and the egg whites bring a nice texture to this…

Midori Melon Ball
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Midori Melon Ball Drop

The Midori Melon Ball Drop cocktail showcases the Japanese melon liqueur. The citrus does help balance out the drink and the fresh melon flavours are accompanied by a lingering elderflower note.…

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