Darryl Strawberry Cocktaill
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Darryl Strawberry (at the Yankees)

A delicious sipper created by Robin Guzman, starring Amaro Montenegro and a lightly aged rum. The addition of muddled lemons, rich demerara syrup and strawberries takes us close to the smash family of cocktails for a bittersweet drink.…

Cafe Boulevardier Recipe
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Cafe Boulevardier

The Amaro Montenegro definitely softens the bitterness whilst Mr Black Coffee Liqueur brings rich coffee flavours. Enjoy up or on the rocks with a large twist of orange.…

Full Monte Cocktail
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Full Monte

The Full Monte is a variation on a Reverse Manhattan. Swapping the classic Manhattan's ratios brings the secondary ingredient (Sweet Vermouth) to the forefront. In the case of the Full Monte, Amaro Montenegro is used in place of the…

Cold Brew Martini
Cocktail Recipes

Cold-Brew Martini

The Amaro Montenegro adds a layer of complexity and flavour when compared to that of it's cousin, the Espresso Martini. Montenegro adds bitter orange peel and subtle vanilla notes which is then softened by the sweet honey.…

Lost Plane Cocktail
Cocktail Recipes

Lost Plane

A simple variation on the modern classic, the Paper Plane. The cleverly named Lost Plane utilises a dark rum in place of the bourbon whiskey. The flavourful dark rum increases the richness of the vibrant, citrusy and subtly bitter…

Mollymock Cocktail Recipe
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Mollymock Cocktail

The Mollymock cocktail is a sweet, bitter and herbal cocktail featuring a Bacardi Black Rum, Dom Benedictine and Amaro Montenegro.…

Paper Plane Cocktail
Cocktail Recipes

Paper Plane (variation)

The Paper Plane cocktail was first created back in 2007 by Sam Ross. He is also well known for making the smoky Penicillin cocktail. The cocktail was served at both the Violet Hour bar in Chicago and Milk &…

Adriatique Cocktail Recipe
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The Adriatique cocktail is a rich, vibrant and citrusy aperitif. It's a low ABV cocktail that is full of flavour. The Montenegro and Aperol accentuate the citrusy, orange notes of the drink.…