Scorpion Cocktail
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The Scorpion Bowl was a creation of Trader Vic and was served in a punch bowl for a group of imbibers. Here is a single serve version to make at home!…

Orgeat Recipe
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DIY Orgeat

Orgeat is an iconic French almond syrup that is a staple ingredient in cocktail and home bars and it’s surprisingly simple to make. …

German Vacation Cocktail
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German Vacation

The German Vacation is a creation of Sother Teague, beverage director of Amor y Amargo - a well renowned New York bar that focusses on amari and vermouth.…

Casper Cocktail
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The Casper x The Infante

This particular recipe is an amalgamation of two cocktails - The Casper and The Infante. The Casper is a slight variation of The Infante which in turn, is a variation on a classic Margarita.…

Almond Paloma Cocktail
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Durango (Almond Paloma Riff)

The Durango is a simple variation on the classic tequila and grapefruit soda cocktail, the Paloma. It has the addition of orgeat (almond syrup) for the sweet component.…

Orgeat Almond Syrup Recipe
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How to: DIY 5 Minute Orgeat Hack!

This Orgeat hack is a quick, simple and clean way to whip up a 500mL batch of almond syrup for your tiki cocktails. Mai Tai anyone? can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: How to: DIY 5 Minute…

Army Navy Cocktail
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Army and Navy

A balance of botanicals from the dry gin, citrus and almond notes. A single dash of aromatic bitters compliments the drink whilst two dashes (found in some recipes) overtakes the other ingredients.…