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Final Ward Cocktail
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Final Ward

The Final Ward is perhaps the best-know riff on the classic Last Word and was created in 2007 by Phil Ward at Death & Co. NYC. It is still comprised of equal parts with rye whiskey replacing the gin…

Chocolate Old Pal
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All In (Old Pal Riff)

The All In cocktail from New York's Nitecap bar is a descendant of the Old Pal. Only a small addition of creme de cacao brings a hint of chocolate to this bittersweet drink.…

Rye Amaro Cocktail
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Yesterday, Today and Amaro

A complex bittersweet and spicy rye whiskey cocktail featured in Brad Thomas Parson's book, Amaro. The sweetness from two amaro's and a herbal liqueur help tame the spicy rye.…

Mr Black Rye Ball
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Mr. Black Rye Ball

The Mr. Black Rye Ball is reminiscent of the classic Boulevardier with cold brew coffee liqueur as the sweet component - replacing the sweet vermouth. The proportions are also tweaked so the coffee notes can take centre stage complimented with…

Remember the Maine
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Remember the Maine

Remember the Maine was featured in The Gentleman’s Companion by Charles H. Baker published in 1939. This sweeter style yet spirit-forward drink is a crossbreed of Sazerac and Manhattan.…

Black Manhattan Cocktail
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Black Manhattan

The Black Manhattan used Averna Amaro in the place of sweet vermouth. The Manhattan variation was created by Todd Smith whilst behind the stick at San Francisco's Bourbon & Branch.…

Little Italy Cocktail
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Little Italy

The Little Italy was created by Audrey Saunders of the Pegu Club bar in NYC. A subtly bitter variation on the classic Manhattan using the bitter Italian liqueur, Cynar.…

Greenpoint Cocktail Recipe
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The Greenpoint Cocktail is named after a neighbourhood in Brooklyn and was first created at the infamous NY cocktail bar, Milk & Honey. The Greenpoint is a variation on the Brooklyn which is also derived from the classic Manhattan.…

Old Barrel Cocktail
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Old Barrel

The Old Barrel is a dry, spicy, herbal variation on a classic Old Fashioned cocktail. The rye whiskey adds spicy notes whilst the Dom Benedictine adds sweet, herbal characteristics.…

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