PX Daiquiri
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PX Daiquiri

The flavour profile of PX sherry consists of dried fruits, spices and molasses. This is a winter-inspired riff on a Daiquiri with a rich, complex twist.…

Petanque Cocktail Recipe
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Created by Seattle bartender Andrew Bohrer in 2014 at Mistral Kitchen. A low ABV cocktail bringing ingredients from various origins. Spanish sherry, Italian Amaretto, American bitters and Czech absinthe.…

Latin Trifecta Cocktail
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Latin Trifecta

Latin Trifecta brings together ingredients from Spain, Mexico and Italy. Cynar, the bittersweet amaro, is the dominant flavour accompanied by spicey agave and nutty, dry sherry.…

Cynar Ccoktail Recipe
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Remember the Alimony

Print Remember the Alimony Cocktail Recipe Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 2 ratings Author: bartender A modern low ABV sherry cocktail. First created by Dan Greenbaum in 2012 whilst behind the stick at short-lived New York…

Toffee Negroni Recipe
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Toffee Negroni

The Toffee Negroni is a deliciously sweet and nutty variation on the ever so popular Negroni. Aged rum brings toffee and caramel notes to the Negroni riff whilst Amontillado sherry imparts nutty tones and the Aperol brings a subtle…

Coffee Cocktail Recipe
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Print Un-fig-gettable Cocktail Recipe Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 1 ratings Author: bartender The Un-Fig-Gettable cocktail is certainly a rich and tasty coffee cocktail. The bitter flavours and dryness of the cocktail bitters in addition to…

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