Left Hand Cocktail
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Left Hand

Sam Ross created a Manhattan/Negroni mash up known as the Left Hand (bourbon whiskey, Campari, sweet vermouth & chocolate bitters) in the early 2000s.…

Boulevardier Cocktail
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The Boulevardier is boozy, bitter and sweet. It was first created by Erskine Gwynne, the publisher of a magazine (named Boulevardier) for expats living in Paris in the 1920s.…

Coffee & Cigarettes Cocktail
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Coffee & Cigarettes

The Coffee & Cigarettes cocktail was created by Thomas Waugh and featured in the Death & Co. cocktail book. Featuring an Islay Whisky which provides a rich smokiness,…

Coffee Negroni
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Coffee Negroni

A subtle riff on the classic Negroni. The addition of coffee liqueur adds a new dimension to the Italian classic cocktail.…

Cynar Cocktail Recipe
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Bitter Giuseppe

A modern classic cocktail featuring Cynar, created by Stephen Coles. It was first featured on the menu at The Violet Hour in Chicago.…

Rabo de Galo Cocktail
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Rabo de Galo

Cinzano opened a production facility in Brazil back in the 1950s and hit a road block when they tried introducing Cinzano Rosso to market. The people preferred to drink the nation's most popular spirit, Cachaca.…

Kingston Negroni Recipe
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Kingston Negroni

Back in 2013 Joaquín Simó (of Death & Co., NY) was handed a bottle of Smith & Cross overproof Jamaican rum and his first instinct was to stir it down in a Negroni in place of gin.…

Martinez Cocktail Recipe
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The Martinez has been featured in cocktail books since the 1880s and is often referred to as the precursor to the Martini.…

Amaroni Cocktail Recipe
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The Amaroni is a slight variation on the classic Negroni - featuring notes of dark chocolate, cinnamon and other Christmas spice.…

Nippon Cocktail Recipe
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Nippon Cocktail

The Nippon features subtle notes of ginger and honeysuckle on the nose with a honeyed sweetness on the palate.…