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  • Hibiscus El Diablo
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Hibiscus El Diablo

    A classic El Diablo consists of tequila, creme de cassis and ginger beer. The hibiscus variation calls for the sticky, sweet and floral hibiscus syrup in place of the cassis.…

  • La Paloma Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    La Paloma

    La Paloma has a shrouded history with no proven origin. It is highly likely that it originally came from Mexico in the mid to late 1900s before migrating to the US.…

  • Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Tommy’s Margarita

    Tommy's Margarita originates from the Tommy's Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco and was first created back in the 90s. A riff on a classic Margarita with strong notes of sweet agave.…

  • Tokyo Iced Tea
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Tokyo Iced Tea

    A simple variation on the Long Island Iced Tea. Substitute in Midori melon liqueur in place of the triple sec and voila - a bright green, potent cocktail.…

  • Adios Mother Cocktail
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Adios Motherf***er (AMF)

    A simple variation on the Long Island Iced Tea with blue curacao instead of triple sec. An electric blue, potent cocktail crudely named the Adios Motherf***er (or AMF).…

  • Long Island Iced Tea
    Cocktail Recipes Videos

    Long Island Iced Tea

    Surprising to some, the Long Island Iced Tea doesn't actually contain tea. Most likely named for it's tea-like appearance - this also hints to the drinks origins during prohibition when some…

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