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Traditionally, vodka is made by the distillation of fermented grains or potatoes, though some modern brands use other substances, such as fruits or sugar. Order a bottle of vodka then mix up some favourite vodka cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan, Caipiroska and Kamikaze, to mention a few.

Ruby Cocktail Recipe
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Ruby Cocktail

The Ruby cocktail was created by Tony Abou-Ganim - a professional bartender and author of numerous beverage-related books including Vodka Distilled (in which this cocktail is featured).…

Vesper Martini Recipe
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The Vesper features in Ian Fleming’s novel, Casino Royale, agent 007 instructs a bartender to mix “three measures Gordon’s, one of vodka, a half measure of Kina Lillet.…

Tokyo Iced Tea
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Tokyo Iced Tea

A simple variation on the Long Island Iced Tea. Substitute in Midori melon liqueur in place of the triple sec and voila - a bright green, potent cocktail.…

Adios Mother Cocktail
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Adios Motherf***er (AMF)

A simple variation on the Long Island Iced Tea with blue curacao instead of triple sec. An electric blue, potent cocktail crudely named the Adios Motherf***er (or AMF).…

Blue Hawaii Cocktail
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Blue Hawaii

Bartender Harry Yee created the Blue Hawaii cocktail in 1957 at the Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. Bols sales rep came to Yee asking for a drink made with the company’s blue curaçao liqueur.…

Long Island Iced Tea
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Long Island Iced Tea

Surprising to some, the Long Island Iced Tea doesn't actually contain tea. Most likely named for it's tea-like appearance - this also hints to the drinks origins during prohibition when some drinks were made to look like tea.…

Midori Illusion Recipe
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Midori Illusion

The Midori Illusion has also been known as a popular shooter recipe but serve it tall over ice and you have a sweet, refreshing, citrus and pineapple cocktail.…

Midori Melon Ball
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Midori Melon Ball Drop

The Midori Melon Ball Drop cocktail showcases the Japanese melon liqueur. The citrus does help balance out the drink and the fresh melon flavours are accompanied by a lingering elderflower note.…

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