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Tatanka (made with Zubrowka!)

Tatanka Zubrowka Cocktail

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How to make a Tatanka using Zubrowka:

A very basic cocktail but often the most simple┬áconcoctions┬áhave the most unbelievable flavours, this is one of those drinks! Zubrowka is a Polish vodka flavoured with Bison Grass – this gives it the vodka it’s yellowish colour and dry, herb-flavour.

 it became a ritual to share a bottle

I first discovered the Tatanka when travelling through Poland, it seemed to be the in drink at the time. Although an extremely simple drink, I had to share it as I was reunited with the Tatanka only a few weeks back!

  • 45mL Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka
  • Cloudy Apple Juice
  • Optional: Make a Raspberry Tatanka by throwing in some berries!

Fill a hi-ball with ice and add the ingredients. Add a bit of a twist by adding raspberries and giving it a thorough stir.

Whilst travelling in Poland it became a ritual to share a bottle for predrinks and drinking one of these brings back so many fond memories of travelling through Eastern Europe!

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