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The Unmistakable

Untold Rum Cocktail Recipe

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Growing up in Malaysia, I was exposed to many different aromas and spices that have influenced my drinking and eating habits. This, coupled with my love for travelling and experiencing different cultures, drives my inspiration to fuse ingredients from different origins.

I love finding ingredients that traditionally wouldn’t go together, but in some weird and wonderful way combine to make a flavour profile that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Australia (now my home) has native ingredients unlike anywhere else in the world – and one of the first things I loved that I’d never tried before was macadamias.

When I was asked to create a cocktail using Untold Spiced Rum, I wanted to create a recipe that UNMISTAKABLY said something about where I grew up and where I now call home. To me, this was sesame seeds and macadamias.

– Natalie Ng

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