Top 10 Finalists of the 2021 Coffee Cocktail Challenge

10 Coffee Cocktails

The Coffee Cocktail Challenge received over 880 entries this year!! The first year’s challenge differed slightly with 8 weekly rounds and the top cocktail from each week made it to the finals. We decided to mix it up this year by having the top 10 finalist picked in two ways; 5 hand picked by the judges and 5 chosen by manner of public vote. Here you’ll find the top 10 finalists.

Judges Picks

Mr Black Forest
Mr Black Forest draws inspiration from the flavours of a Black Forest gâteau. It’s a boozy rich curtain-raiser that entertains your childhood memories of eating cake and will leave your senses pondering with nostalgia.
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Mr. Fizz
Port wine doesn’t receive a lot of love in the cocktail space. It offers tasting notes of caramel, chocolate, dried fruit, and nuts. This is why I chose to pair it with the rich coffee flavours of Mr Black. The Mr. Fizz is an absolute delight! It has a bold chocolatey coffee taste with a more subdue…
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Coffee and Kola
Coffee and Kola was developed as an after dinner digestive cocktail as a way to avoid the postprandial somnolence aka. ‘food coma’ that comes with finishing a hefty meal. Coffee, Ginko and bitter Kola are combined and carried by the warming cognac to pep the weariest of us back to life.
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Rumble in the Jungle
Coffee has around 850 aroma compound associations which is more than chocolate. I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with this tropical concoction combining coconut tequila, espresso, Mr Black, grapefruit and pineapple juices. Tropical and tangy, the coffee liqueur adds a je ne sais quoi component that’s hard…
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Walking in Memphis
Walking In Memphis is inspired by one of my all time favourite songs and the approach I take to cocktails in my venue; Memphis Slim’s House of Blues. Starting a shift with a coffee has been a staple of mine for the decade or so I’ve been in the industry and I don’t plan on stopping now. Seppeltsfiel…
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People’s Choice

Mad Master
Unexpected and surprising combination of flavours. It takes tiki to another level by use of tomato juice, white wine and peaty scotch. Mad Master was inspired by a historical person of Lewis Hutchinson - a Scottish immigrant to Jamaica and its first recorded serial killer. Depending on what rum, sco…
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Magic Beans Martini
You know the story of Jack, who sold his family’s last cow for five Magic beans? We liked Jack’s style so said goodbye to the family cow and acquired five magic beans for ourselves. The only difference is we mixed our magic beans into a cocktail to create something completely unique and delicious. F…
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Night and Day
Coffee has become a morning “daily dose” drink for most of the people. What about adding it into a night drink? That’s how the name “Night and Day’ came from. I would like to introduce a drink called “Summer Berry flavor with coffee bubble cocktail”. Using Mr Black’s coffee liqueur combined with sp…
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Cherry & Espresso Sour
My cocktail is a Disaronno & Coffee sour. My go to shot is a half espresso half disaronno mix , as i find the sweetness of the disaronno balances out the bitterness of the coffee. it is also a low alcohol shot which is great as it means i can drive after having a couple. i wanted to ramp up this s…
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Unknown Journey
Our life is an Unknown Journey, we may find it tough and bitter as Coffee. Only if we are brave enough to step out, will we find a little bliss like the luscious Yuzu. When you begin with this journey, you will first come to the bitter and delicate taste mixed with Espresso & Mr. Black. Then the uni…
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