Top 17 Mason Jar Cocktails

Mason Jars are being re-purposed for anything from cocktails, wall planters, food storage, spice racks to candle holders and so many more uses – but this post is devoted to the tastiest looking mason jar cocktails around (I haven’t had a chance to taste them just yet!) so shake away and let me know how it goes. Buy Mason Jar Shaker Blueberry Infused Vodka Lemonade (via Keep it Simple Foods) A simple mix of vodka and blueberries but there is a nice photo recipe to guide you through it. Delicious Cocktails (via Style Me Pretty) Unfortunately nothing more but a good photo 🙁 Blood Orange, Mint and Chamomile Margaritas (via LA in Bloom) The only thing it’s missing is the salt rim 😉 personally, I’m not a fan but check out LA in Bloom for some great pics and a detailed recipe. 3 Fizz Cocktails (via Nest of Posies) Kellie’s new go-to drink! She’s gone and experimented with quite a few flavours so check them out: Strawbery & Blueberry Fizz Cilantro, Orange & Coconut Fizz Blueberry & Lemon Fizz Pink Grapefruit Cocktails (via Juls Kitchen) An Italian blog with stories & recipes straight from Tuscany! Make sure you use your Google … Continue reading Top 17 Mason Jar Cocktails