Umeshu Highball


Umeshu Highball

Kabosu Citrus & Umeshu is a unique blend of Bungo and Nankou plums, matured in Umeshu, and infused with the juice of kabosu fruit, a Japanese citrus.
It sits at 12% ABV which makes it a perfect low-ABV summer sipper. Refreshing and tart kabosu citrus is complemented by the sweet plum wine. It mixes nicely with soda or tonic water.
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  • Jigger
  • Old Fashioned Glass
  • Citrus Umeshu


  • 45 ml Citrus Umeshu
  • 90 ml soda water (or tonic water)


  • In a highball glass, add the citrus umeshu
  • Fill the glass with ice
  • Top with soda water (or tonic water)
  • Gently stir before expressing lemon oils atop the drink
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