Wedding Photographers in Adelaide

Adelaide Wedding Photographers

In the last 3 years we’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing wedding photographers and today we’d like to share some of Adelaide’s best. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the amazing photographers in Adelaide but a compilation of people we have worked alongside and others who we’ve Instagram stalked from afar!

They’re listed in alphabetical order so there isn’t any favouritism! Hopefully you can get a feel for each photographers style with the examples we’ve provided and decide who would best suit your wedding day 🙂

Feature photo by Emme Jade Photography with tipis by Kata & Co.

Sven Studios

“We like to employ a very natural approach as professional photographers and can be seen as very photo journalistic in nature. Your photographs will look as natural as you remember, while capturing that all important emotion of your day. We love seeking out and capturing the emotion of the ‘moment’ as opposed to managing posed shot after posed shot. That isn’t to say that posed photography has no place in wedding photography, but we find that photo journalistic photographs are often the best received.”


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Dan Evans Photography

“I enjoy taking photos from time to time.”

Emme Sharkey Photography

“I’m a sentimentalist and believe that life and its precious moments should be documented and done so beautifully. Your memories and you deserve that.”

Emme Jade Photography

“My clients are people who look at things a little differently, and a little less traditional, and want to have beautiful lasting memories to be cherished for a lifetime.”

Kate Ellis Photography

“My wedding photography style is natural, organic, pure.”

Kate Pardey Photography

“I love to capture secret smiles and stolen glances, all the little moments in between the big events.”

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Luke Simon Photography

“We’re photographers, moment catchers and story tellers.”

Nicole Cordeiro Photography

“I believe your wedding images should tell the story of your wedding day. This is why I predominantly take a candid approach to photographing weddings.”

Scott Goh Photography

“It is my passion to be an Adelaide wedding photographer. It is an honour to have the opportunity to plan your Adelaide wedding photography with you and capture one of the most memorable day in your lives.”

Simon Bills Photographer

“I have fast become one of Adelaide’s most sought after wedding photographers due largely to creating a relaxed, fun wedding day experience.”

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Simon Wicks Photography

Who did you use to capture your wedding day photographs?

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